The Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College of Berekum (known informally as NMTC Berekum) is among Ghana's finest nursing and midwifery training institutions. Founded in 1957 by the Medical Mission Sisters of the Catholic Church, NMTC has consistently maintained its identity as a Catholic institution to the present day. The college's commitment to discipline and academic excellence is reflected in its motto: "Before you learn to care, you must care to learn."

The Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College comprises the Nursing Training College and the Midwifery Training School which were developed as individual offshoots of the Holy Family Hospital at Berekum to train the requisite nursing personnel for the hospital and sister health facilities in other parts of the country. The Nursing Training College issues a diploma for Registered General Nursing (RGN), while the Midwifery Training College issues a diploma for Registered Midwifery (RM). The two programmes are at par and have the same entry qualifications. They also are run within the same facilities. The school currently has 267 students pursuing Registered General Nursing and 92 pursuing Registered Midwifery, for a total population of 359.

Since its inception, the college has produced 754 general nurses and 575 midwives - a total of 1,329 nurses and midwives.

Effective Sept. 1, 2007, the College has been granted a 3-year accreditation to run its two programmes by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana.


Aims and Objectives

The aim of NMTC is to train the requisite and qualified nursing personnel to supply the manpower needs of various health institutions in the Country.

As part of our objectives, we train Nurses and Midwives to uphold ethical professional standards. As a Catholic Institution we instill in our nursing students the Gospel values of the Kingdom of God, among which are love, compassion, forgiveness, humility, sacrifice, tolerance; and care for the sick, women, children, and the vulnerable. I In other words, we train not only the mind but the heart too. And this is what makes us different.

Vision and Future Plans

The vision of the college is

  • To continue the healing ministry of Christ by training young men and women as professional nurses and midwives with ethical and moral standards to provide high quality patient care.
  • To see that our challenges are being addressed and resolved.
  • To train Preceptors in each ward to coach the Nursing Students during their clinical practice.
  • To have a modern ICT centre to build the capacity of the Nursing Students by bringing them abreast of modern technology in health care delivery.

Construction Stairs Hallway Kitchen Summer Hut

Current Facilities

Current facilities include:

  • Kitchen and Dining Hall
  • Library
  • Computer lab with satellite Internet
  • Auditorium with satellite television
  • Classrooms and Offices
  • Store
  • Student Housing
  • Tutor Housing
  • Football field

Recent Infrastructural Developments

Over the past five years the College has seen significant infrastructural developments including the male students' hostel built by MINOS UNIDAS of Spain, and 4 clinical hostels for practical training at Diocesan Hospitals built by Cordaid of the Netherlands. The Ministry of Health has also provided the following facilities to the college:



  1. 200-capacity female hostel.
  2. 3-unit classroom block.
  3. Extension to Dining Hall and kitchen facilities.
  4. 3-unit classrooms, demonstration room, a library complex and offices are currently under construction.
  5. Double cabin Mazda pick-up.
  6. Toyota mini-bus.


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